There are two opportunities for Austin residents to be part of redistricting:


Applicant Review Panel

The Panel will help select the commissioners. Three Certified Public Accountants will serve on the Panel.

Apply for the Panel

Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission

The Commission will draw the boundaries of Austin’s council districts.

Apply for the Commission

How the process works

Crisscrossed arrows icon that represents randomization

Three CPAs are selected for the Panel

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Panel helps select the Commissioners

Pencil with straight line icon that represents drawing

Commissioners draw districts

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About Redistricting

Austin has 10 city council members and a mayor. The mayor is elected by residents citywide and each council member is elected by residents of a geographic district within the city.

Austin has a process for residents to redraw the boundaries of the council districts every ten years. The boundaries of the council districts greatly impact Austin’s government and will shape how residents are represented for the next decade.

Austin residents will redraw the council district boundaries in 2021.

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Why Redistricting Matters

Redistricting will change how Austin residents are represented by City Council and shape how we think about our communities.

Austin’s population has grown and changed since the districts were originally drawn in 2013. The new district boundaries may change as well.

Residents who participate will have a chance to meet Austinites across the city and learn more about the city we call home. They will learn about Austin’s history and make important decisions about Austin’s future.

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Austin residents voted to elect City Council by geographic district in 2012. Before that vote, six council members and the mayor were elected citywide. Today, the city has 10 districts with a council member elected from each district. The mayor is still elected citywide.

A diverse group of Austin residents determined the boundaries for the 10 council districts in 2013. Since then, Austin’s population has grown and changed. In 2021, a new group of residents will redraw the new district boundaries to reflect these changes.