Commission application number 84 submitted by Elise Nacca on 06/09/2020

First Name Elise
Middle Name/Initial M
Last Name Nacca
Voter Unique Identification number 1131797779
Ethnicity White
Gender Female
Age 35-44
Education Level Post-Graduate Degree
Major Pursued Art history
What is your occupation? Librarian
Submitted Address
City Austin
State Tx
Zip 78757
Verified Address
City Austin
State Tx
Zip 78757
Do you have a spouse or domestic partner? Yes
Spouse/Domestic Partner First Name Adam
Spouse/Domestic Partner Middle Name/Initial R
Spouse/Domestic Partner Last Name Hatley
Are you applying to be the student member of the commission? No
Have you been continuously registered to vote in the City of Austin for the last five years? Yes
Have you voted in 3 of the last 5 City of Austin general elections (or corresponding runoff if applicable)? Yes
Been appointed to a state or city office? No
Been elected to a state or city office? No
Been a candidate for a state or city office? No
Served as an officer, employee, or paid consultant of a political party? No
Served as an officer, employee, or paid consultant of the campaign committee of a candidate for elective state, county, or city office? No
Been a registered state or local lobbyist? No
A paid employee of the City of Austin? No
A person performing paid services under a professional services contract with the City of Austin? No
A person performing paid services under a professional or personal services contract to the City Council of the City of Austin or to any individual member of the City Council of the City of Austin? No
A controlling person of a person performing paid services under a professional or personal services contract to any member of the City Council of the City of Austin? No
Contribute or bundle one thousand dollars ($1,000) or more in aggregate to candidates for City of Austin elective office? No
Please describe your relevant analytical skills. I am a trained and practicing researcher who can research across subject areas. It’s my job to help faculty and students at all levels to do research in their disciplines in a comprehensive and ethical manner. At the undergraduate level I teach students to be critical when evaluating and using information and data as evidence in their work. I also work with faculty to develop critical pedagogy so that they can teach their students to analyze and communicate information critically in assignments and in the classroom. Being an excellent researcher and helping others to be the same goes beyond finding information and data. It asks you to break down the questions you are asking so that the inquiry itself leads you, rather than a preconceived idea. It asks you to be humble and to be prepared to start asking new questions. It asks you to resist silos of information and expertise to break down disciplinary barriers. It’s above all a creative process that requires flexibility and critical thinking.
Please describe your ability to be impartial. My job asks me to work with folks across disciplines and to allow the information and data to guide the researcher, no matter where it comes from. Researchers come to the table with biases. But it’s my job to get them to ask questions anew and to abandon assumptions. I did not choose my job, however ridiculous it may sound. It was the job that fit into my world view. I value the ability to hold different and competing thoughts in my head. I value my flexibility. I change my mind based on new information. I’m not stubborn or set in my ways. I don’t take in information and make conclusions easily. For me it’s an iterative process of listening that seeks equality, fairness and justice above all. I understand the weight information can have on the world and it’s my job to be ethical and assure that the work contributes to justice.
Please describe your appreciation for the City of Austin's diverse demographics and geography. Austin isn’t as diverse as it was when I moved here in 2004. I rented, as a student, on a street with Mexican families. That same street is now close to mueller. I grew up in a diverse city on the east coast. I felt and still feel that folks who wanted to put down roots in a neighborhood should be able to do so without fear of getting priced out. But opportunity doesn’t come equally in this world. I value supporting businesses in Austin owned by black folks, by Latinx folks and by our Asian community. I take the bus not just for environmental reasons but because I believe it’s important to be in that space everyday. Otherwise, I’d be in my silo. Diversity isn’t just race, it’s also economics. We have folks living on the streets here and folks living in mansions. That gap hits me each day. As a renter in Austin, I have been moved around a lot. I know what it’s like to have to leave because rent got too high or because the landlord isn’t ethical. It feels like you don’t have control over your destiny. By this point, I don’t believe we do. What gives me hope is that campus and the work the administration is doing to allow for communities of color and identities to voice their stories. To support first generation students like I was to move up. It’s what energizes me. And I want to see our city like that. Where no one story is dominant.
Please provide your employment history. I’ve been working in libraries since 2000, professionally since 2012. I’ve worked retail jobs as well, which have been eye opening experiences. I have worked as a copy editor for a lifestyle magazine in town. Also an experience. My background is in the humanities, but I also supported the astronomy dept at UT here and in Fort Davis. I think above all I am a good listener no matter who is talking so I can help anyone from any background do research.
Please provide any other information you wish to be considered during the selection of the most qualified applicants for the Commission. I think I laid it out above, but know that I am someone who knows how to think critically, how to check my biases, how to listen, how to ask questions. I am comfortable with ambiguity. I’m open minded and i enjoy being humiliated. That word roughly means ‘brought to the ground’. I can think of no better place to be.
How did you hear about redistricting/Applicant Review Panel? Newspaper
Disclaimer Agreement Checked
Disclaimer Signature Elise Nacca
District District 7
Does this application qualify? Yes