Commission application number 295 submitted by Ali Simmel on 08/19/2020

First Name Ali
Middle Name/Initial M
Last Name Simmel
Voter Unique Identification number 1198178661
Ethnicity White
Gender Non-binary
Age 25-34
Education Level Some College
Major Pursued Psychology
What is your occupation? Behavioral Therapist
Submitted Address
City Austin
State TX
Zip 78732
Verified Address
City Austin
State TX
Zip 78732
Do you have a spouse or domestic partner? Yes
Spouse/Domestic Partner First Name Ty
Spouse/Domestic Partner Middle Name/Initial Elliot
Spouse/Domestic Partner Last Name Simmel
Are you applying to be the student member of the commission? Yes
Are you a student enrolled in a community college or university in the City of Austin? Yes
Been appointed to a state or city office? No
Been elected to a state or city office? No
Been a candidate for a state or city office? No
Served as an officer, employee, or paid consultant of a political party? No
Served as an officer, employee, or paid consultant of the campaign committee of a candidate for elective state, county, or city office? No
Been a registered state or local lobbyist? No
A paid employee of the City of Austin? No
A person performing paid services under a professional services contract with the City of Austin? No
A person performing paid services under a professional or personal services contract to the City Council of the City of Austin or to any individual member of the City Council of the City of Austin? No
A controlling person of a person performing paid services under a professional or personal services contract to any member of the City Council of the City of Austin? No
Contribute or bundle one thousand dollars ($1,000) or more in aggregate to candidates for City of Austin elective office? No
Please describe your relevant analytical skills. My general job title is Behavioral Therapist, my technical job title is Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist. I have been working with my clinic for over a year and my daily duties include observing and analyzing client behavior to determine the root cause and then apply behavioral adjustment techniques based on clinical trials and research studies performed by the psychologist and scientist B.F. Skinner. When applying these specified techniques, I collect observational data and record it. Past analytical professional experience can be attributed to working within the insurance field and analyzing client's profiles and insurance plans to discover discrepancies, errors, and means of improvement.
Please describe your ability to be impartial. My ability to be impartial comes from my diverse life experience. As a child I lived in the country and my mother was in the Fort Worth rodeo. My immediate family was working class and my extended family lived in poverty on the rural outskirts of the DFW area. As I grew older, I watched every family member work hard to gain financial stability and improvement, landing themselves higher up on the socioeconomic ladder. While I was raised politically conservative and ethically religious, my experience in impoverished neighborhoods (both in childhood and in adulthood), homelessness, in the arts, and traveling the world gave me an open-minded perspective. I moved to Austin to raise my children in a diverse and inclusive environment, though I still maintain close relationships with family and friends who may maintain more exclusive worldviews and understand their perspectives. After moving to Austin, I enrolled in Austin Community College for a psychology degree with the goal of transferring to UT to become an art therapist. I have seen the example that ACC sets for a diverse student body and have been moved by the efforts the school implements into providing necessary programs for inclusion of neuro-diverse, under-privileged and marginalized groups. In addition to my background and experience at ACC, I worked for six months at an in-patient psychiatric facility at the beginning of my college career. 98% of the patients within the facility were homeless, recieving treatment thanks to medicaid and other social and public health services. Despite being someone who had experienced homelessness myself, it was an educational experience to be in the heart of an Austin community that is so frequently ignored or even looked down upon. The experiences that make up my life on the far sides of the spectrum and in between affluence and poverty, conservatism and liberalism, locality and internationalization, have allowed me to grown into an open-minded and impartial individual who can see both sides and in between.
Please describe your appreciation for the City of Austin's diverse demographics and geography. I moved to Austin specifically for the diverse demographics and geography. I will say that when walking in downtown Austin I am not met with as diverse nationalities as in downtown Dallas, but the diversity extends beyond downtown into the outskirts of this large city, and beyond nationality or economic factors into gender, sexuality, and disability diversification. I wanted my children to grow up in an area where every person has the opportunity to become. The second reason I moved here was because of the geography. Growing up in the Dallas Fort Worth area, all I ever heard about Austin was that it was "weird and full of hippies" and that it was the capital. After attending a wedding in the hills four years ago, I decided I had to move to Austin at once. I had no idea prior to that experience that Texas could be so beautiful and full of nature. As an avid outdoors person, ecologically conservative, and Texan to the core, Austin was the place to be.
Please provide your employment history. From 2012-2016 I worked on and off in the food industry, at times as a store manager, and as a CSR (Customer Service Representative) for Farmer's Insurance. From 2016-2017 I worked as an after school art teacher for LISD, a preschool music teacher, and a painting instructor, as well as started my own art business. From 2017-2019 I worked as a preschool teacher, a barista trainer, and ran my art business 2019 to present I continued my art business, worked in an inpatient psychiatric facility, obtained my Registered Behavioral Technician certification and became an Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist for children on the autism sprectrum.
Please provide any other information you wish to be considered during the selection of the most qualified applicants for the Commission. I am passionate about ridding the Austin community of gerrymandering, and replacing it with unbiased boundaries.
How did you hear about redistricting/Applicant Review Panel? Other (please describe)
How did you hear "Other" option detail Government Professor
Disclaimer Agreement Checked
Disclaimer Signature Alyssa Michelle Simmel
District Not Determined
Does this application qualify? No