Commission application number 163 submitted by Anna Kehl on 06/24/2020

First Name Anna
Middle Name/Initial A
Last Name Kehl
Voter Unique Identification number 1167277481
Ethnicity White
Gender Female
Age 35-44
Education Level Bachelor's Degree
Major Pursued Organizational Management and Respiratory Care
What is your occupation? Network Clinical Education Coordinator - Ascension Seton
Submitted Address
City Austin
State TX
Zip 78741
Verified Address
City Austin
State TX
Zip 78741
Do you have a spouse or domestic partner? Yes
Spouse/Domestic Partner First Name Nicholas
Spouse/Domestic Partner Middle Name/Initial G
Spouse/Domestic Partner Last Name Kehl
Are you applying to be the student member of the commission? No
Have you been continuously registered to vote in the City of Austin for the last five years? Yes
Have you voted in 3 of the last 5 City of Austin general elections (or corresponding runoff if applicable)? Yes
Been appointed to a state or city office? No
Been elected to a state or city office? No
Been a candidate for a state or city office? No
Served as an officer, employee, or paid consultant of a political party? No
Served as an officer, employee, or paid consultant of the campaign committee of a candidate for elective state, county, or city office? No
Been a registered state or local lobbyist? No
A paid employee of the City of Austin? No
A person performing paid services under a professional services contract with the City of Austin? No
A person performing paid services under a professional or personal services contract to the City Council of the City of Austin or to any individual member of the City Council of the City of Austin? No
A controlling person of a person performing paid services under a professional or personal services contract to any member of the City Council of the City of Austin? No
Contribute or bundle one thousand dollars ($1,000) or more in aggregate to candidates for City of Austin elective office? No
Please describe your relevant analytical skills. I am well versed with the process of brainstorming, observing, interpreting data, integrating new information, theorizing and making decisions based on multiple factors and options that have been presented to me. This is a process that I am engaged in everyday within my professional and personal life.
Please describe your ability to be impartial. I am aware that my personal values may not reflect the entirety of my community. In fact, I value, need and expect to be presented with an array of opinions and values within my community. I am capable of listening to all sides of a discussion and making an impartial decision that may be out of line with my own personal values.
Please describe your appreciation for the City of Austin's diverse demographics and geography. The City of Austin is very diverse demographically and in it's geography. The differences between us can be what strengthens us. We need as many voices at the table as possible so that we can have open and honest discussions about our individual needs. When we talk to our neighbors we are able to have more empathy for their needs, even if they're different than our own. We also are given space to examine our own needs and consider them in relation to those around us.
Please provide your employment history. Ascension Seton 11/2009-current, Network Clinical Education Coordinator Ensures that educational programs are in line with mission, values and goals. Facilitates adult learning process and creates a climate that supports learning across disciplines. Serves as a role model to promote excellence and safety. Teaches content as needed and/or assigned within clinical expertise to facilitate orientations, staff development and safe practice. On-boarding of all new hire allied health staff, including human resource responsibilities and job specific training. Provides staff with on-going training and educational materials necessary for maintenance of professional license. Maintains required education and/or clinical competencies. Primary responsibilities include adult Laboratory Services and CardioPulmonary NeuroDiagnostic Services. Virginia College at Austin, 05/2017-12-2018, Director of Clinical Education Managed a team of clinical instructors. Demonstrated ability to develop relationships with internal and external stakeholders with client-focus, professionalism and decorum. Assisted with recruitment of qualified faculty and students. Assisted with program planning and curriculum development. Responsible for organization, administration, continuous review, planning, development, and general effectiveness of clinical experiences for students enrolled in the Respiratory Care program. Maintained accreditation standards for clinical portion of educational programming. Provided didactic, laboratory and clinical instruction, including use of electronic health record. Developed cognitive, psychomotor and behavioral objectives for clinical practice performance. Served as an academic advisor to students. Sewcan.i, 09/2018-present, Sole Proprietor Eight years of sewing experience delivering a quality product in a timely manner to clients. Designs and constructs custom quilts. Develops and produces exclusive non-quilted products to enhance brand recognition and social media presence.
Please provide any other information you wish to be considered during the selection of the most qualified applicants for the Commission. I would make a good candidate for this Commission based on my commitment to service of my community. I have a demonstrated ability shown through my career to look at any situation, problem, opportunity, etc. with an objective mind and to ask frank, important questions through the improvement process in order to accomplish the goal and get a job done. I have no affiliation with anyone in the City of Austin government, nor any of the non-city special interest groups. I am simply a citizen that is stepping up and willing to do the work needed to make our community better.
How did you hear about redistricting/Applicant Review Panel? Radio, Mail, Social media,,
Disclaimer Agreement Checked
Disclaimer Signature Anna Alexia Kehl
District District 3
Does this application qualify? Yes