Commission application number 107 submitted by Dean Dreier on 06/09/2020

First Name Dean
Middle Name/Initial Joseph
Last Name Dreier
Voter Unique Identification number 1140369663
Ethnicity White
Gender Male
Age 55-64
Education Level Bachelor's Degree
Major Pursued Electrical Engineering
What is your occupation? Engineering
Submitted Address
City Austin
State TX
Zip 78749
Verified Address
City Austin
State TX
Zip 78749
Do you have a spouse or domestic partner? No
Are you applying to be the student member of the commission? No
Have you been continuously registered to vote in the City of Austin for the last five years? Yes
Have you voted in 3 of the last 5 City of Austin general elections (or corresponding runoff if applicable)? Yes
Been appointed to a state or city office? No
Been elected to a state or city office? No
Been a candidate for a state or city office? No
Served as an officer, employee, or paid consultant of a political party? No
Served as an officer, employee, or paid consultant of the campaign committee of a candidate for elective state, county, or city office? No
Been a registered state or local lobbyist? No
A paid employee of the City of Austin? No
A person performing paid services under a professional services contract with the City of Austin? No
A person performing paid services under a professional or personal services contract to the City Council of the City of Austin or to any individual member of the City Council of the City of Austin? No
A controlling person of a person performing paid services under a professional or personal services contract to any member of the City Council of the City of Austin? No
Contribute or bundle one thousand dollars ($1,000) or more in aggregate to candidates for City of Austin elective office? No
Please describe your relevant analytical skills. My engineering education involved significant use of analytical skills to solve problems. I have significant education and working knowledge in analytical areas such as probability and statistics, use of data to make engineering predictions, and modeling data to insure the required outcome is achieved. As an engineer, it is ingrained in me to be data driven in my decision making process. Logical reasoning is the basis of solving engineering problems
Please describe your ability to be impartial. I've spent my working career in Reliability and Quality Assurance, in organizations that are independent in both structure and mission from the business units. The organizations also have been the independent voice of the external customer when dealing with issues. I let data drive my solutions to problems or recommendations I make. I consider myself very independent, not getting involved in partisan politics or pushing any specific agenda. I don't vote in primaries, as I don't consider myself a democrat or republican. I always vote in all other elections and select candidates (or issues) that I feel are most qualified and will provide the best representation to the community, regardless of party, sex, race, sexual orientation, etc. I've attended multiple candidate forums (for COA) and use any relevant source of information I can find to help me make informed decisions.
Please describe your appreciation for the City of Austin's diverse demographics and geography. I have lived in Austin for 32 years, both north and south. I have worked in north, south and east Austin. I have volunteered for events and activities throughout the city over the years, working with people of diverse backgrounds. Much of my volunteering activity has been focused on physical activity events (running, cycling, triathlon) and the natural environment (community cleanup, park days, trail days) in locations throughout Austin. I'm also an avid runner and park user and have explored areas on foot and bike throughout the city. Diversity was also a key initiative during my employment, including the requirement to have personal diversity goals as part of my yearly performance review.
Please provide your employment history. I have been employed in Austin in the semiconductor technology since 1988, mostly with Motorola and Freescale. I was in the Reliability and Quality Assurance organization the entire time, supporting multiple products and business units, while having significant interface with external customers and internal/external manufacturing partners. I have experience working with and supporting a wide range of functions, cultures and people throughout the world with these large multinational corporations. Throughout these years, I have worked with numerous people through emails, physical meetings, and virtual meetings to review data, provide inputs and make decisions as part of teams supporting internal and external customers.
Please provide any other information you wish to be considered during the selection of the most qualified applicants for the Commission. I have been a member of the Board of Directors of my Village at Western Oaks homeowners association, representing 1600+ homes. I ran on a platform of insuring all homeowners are represented on the board, especially the silent majority, and to not be swayed by the few aggressive homeowners who try to control the narrative. I also work to insure we are only working within the limited authority given to us in our governing documents and state law and to avoid involvement in other items (typically political). I work hard to insure that all in our HOA are treated equally during our decision making process.
How did you hear about redistricting/Applicant Review Panel? Social media,
Disclaimer Agreement Checked
Disclaimer Signature Dean J Dreier
District District 8
Does this application qualify? Yes