Austin residents on the Commission have the responsibility of drawing the district boundaries through an open and impartial process. The first group of residents on the redistricting Commission drew the City Council boundaries in 2013 and now the new Commissioners will redraw the boundaries for the first time.

How Commissioners were selected

Document and Magnification Glass icon that represents searching

Panel selects the 60 most qualified Commission applicants

Cross within a box icon that represents striking or removing

Each Council Member can strike one application from the qualified pool

Crisscrossed arrows icon that represents randomization

City Auditor randomly selects 8 Commissioners from the qualified pool

Checkbox icon that represents selection

Commissioners choose 6 more applicants from the qualified pool

Pencil with straight line icon that represents drawing

14 Commissioners draw districts


The 14 members of the Commission are:

  • Prabhu Kannan
  • Brigham Morris
  • Errol Hardin
  • Eugene Schneider
  • Erin Dempsey
  • Luis Gonzalez
  • Dr. Sterling Lands
  • Hoang Le
  • Shaina Kambo
  • Sara Inés Calderón
  • Selina Yee
  • Christina Puentes
  • Place holder
  • Whitney Finch

Eight members were selected from the most qualified pool by random drawing. These eight members selected six more people from the pool to ensure the Commission reflects the diversity of Austin.